The Youth of Today, they’ll never know our pain!

At 26 I don’t consider myself to be that old. My tits may hide under my armpits when I lay on my back and I might have more grey hairs than Harrison Ford but that has more to do with been a parent than it does age! I’m still pretty on trend (not trendy because that’s something my mum would say) and I can even name at least 3 artists in the top 10. But there’s one tell tale sign that I’m ageing fast – no, it’s not my wrinkles. I’m starting to judge the juveniles of today on just how easy they have it!

Back in my day – yes I said it – we all had polyphonic ringtones and everyone asked Jeeves. The coolest ‘app’ on your phone was snake and selfie wouldn’t win you any points in a game of scrabble! You’d need an actual camera to take a picture with the girls and there was nothing instant about uploading it to Bebo!

While I might not be old enough to remember black and white TV, it seems that in the last 10 years technology has advanced at a rapid pace. In the last decade iPhones have taken over our lives. Drones and hover boards have become affordable gadgets. We now have self driving cars and online streaming has made Blockbuster ancient history. If all this can happen in 10 years imagine where we’ll be when our children are in their twenties? Fair enough they may grow up with enormous student debts and outrageous house prices. But on the plus side at least they’ll never suffer the misery of dial up internet!

What do the bloggers have to say? What will the youth of today never understand the pain of?

Beth from Twinderelmo – Having to wait to get your photos developed…and having no idea how they’ll turn out.

Kate from Counting to Ten – Trying to meet up with people without having mobile phones. You could wait ages for them not knowing if they were going to turn up and not being able to contact them.

Laura from Dear Bear and Beany – Having to make a phone call in the hallway with your parents listening to your conversation and telling you to make sure it’s after 6pm before you phoned.

Karen from Monkey-feet – Pausing the video recording to miss the adverts but forgetting to unpause.

Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family – Sending a text message and having to type each number more than once to get the letters you need!

Laura from Five Little Doves – The pain of having to pause your tape recorder at just the right time before the DJ started the top 40 countdown.

Rhiannon from Life of Mummy Rhi – When you had to save your computer work at school on a floppy disc.

Alex from Dad F.C. – Our children will never understand the pain of having to wait 15 minutes for their favourite video game to load.

The Youth of Today - They have it so easy! They'll never understand the pain of dial up internet or a time when selfies didn't exist!

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