Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Mama Obviously Needs

November, the month of fireworks, the start of the dark nights and the perfect excuse to revamp your wardrobe. While 2017 may have passed by quicker than your toddler’s nap, it’s time to face facts. Summer is over. It’s no longer acceptable to wear flip flops (even on the school run) and those denim shorts you love so much, forget they exist! Winter’s coming, dig out those wellies, find your favourite wooly jumper and treat yourself to some new winter wardrobe essentials.

The Coat

No one can argue that a coat isn’t essential – even your fashion oblivious husband who still wears the same jacket he purchased ten years ago can appreciate the importance of a good coat. That said I’m a fair believer that you don’t have to purchase a new coat each year and it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Opting for a practical style which isn’t going to be obsolete in twelve months time will ensure maximum wear. 

This coat from Dorothy Perkins is very similar to the coat I purchased last year. Plum is one of my favourite colours. It’s a colour which I know suits me but also screams Autumnal happiness. This belted coat can be worn casual with a chunky scarf but is easily dressed up for a night on the town. 

The Boots

One thing which symbolizes winter for me is UGG boots. Forget the primarni knock off’s, is there anything finer than effectively wearing your slippers to ASDA! The classic chestnut boots have always and will always be a staple of my winter wardrobe but I couldn’t help but fall in love with these super stylish leather ankle boots from Love the Sales. I’m sure you’ll agree they add a contemporary twist to your mumsy attire.

The Jumper 

What better way to rock motherhood than with a jumper which declares your status as soon as you walk into a room. Your a mother, you pushed numerous children out a hole normally no larger than a two pence piece. You might not have your shit together all of the time but you’re at the top of your game even if you’re winging it!

This supersoft sweatshirt from Selfish Mother is the ideal accompaniment to a pair of leggings and the classic mum bun. Whether you’re doing the big shop or attending your local firework display this jumper is sure to go down with bang!

The Scarf 

Now you have the coat, the boots and the jumper what better way to complete your ensemble than with the perfect scarf. This floral master piece is a quintessential addition to an otherwise immaculate outfit. The perfect piece for an evening stroll, a day out shopping or a night with the girls.

This versatile scarf from Laura Ashely is an elegant must have for any trend setting mama! I feel like this rose print is almost so classic that it is guaranteed to never go out of fashion. Not just a scarf for autumn and winter but a scarf which will also see you through to 2018.

Whether you’re looking for a casual outfit or needing to wrap up warm, November is best excuse to treat yourself. Get prepared for the winter by spoiling yourself. Pick sensible purchases which represent your style and make you feel confident. Forget hiding indoors afraid of the cold, you’re ready, you’re gorgeous and your awesome!

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November, the month of fireworks and Parkin, the start of the dark nights and the perfect excuse to revamp your winter wardrobe.


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