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Anyone who knows me, knows I am a lover of food. So the thought of introducing Rory to all the amazing tastes that the world has to offer, is something I have eagerly anticipated for a while. But I never expected it to be this hard!

To begin with it appeared that he shared my enthusiasm. He was happy to chow down on pureed cauliflower, sweet potato or butternut quash. Along with the odd avocado and a verity of different fruits. Yet all of a sudden he’s started turning his nose up at almost everything which is offered to him…

Prior to weaning, I did some research into the baby led approach but decided I wanted to offer a mixture of puree and finger foods.  We started on the purees a little earlier than recommended; Rory was showing all the signs of been ready to wean so I was happy to let him get stuck in!! Knowing finger foods are not recommended until six months I held back until his half year birthday!

It’s now been a week and we’ve had little success with anything other than toast (although he did look to be enjoying a quaver earlier…#badmom) and he has now taken a firm dislike to anything puréed which he previously seemed to enjoy.

As I sit here working through every possible explanation as to why my child will not eat, I worry that he is just a male replica of my childhood self. I seem to remember my mum telling me I was a little shit with my food. Until the age of four I survived solely on apple sauce and spinach! But as my mum now likes to point out, at family occasions or social gatherings, she needn’t have spent so much time worrying, look at me now…I eat everything!!

Maybe my expectations of weaning were enitially a little high. As a new parent I’m slowly learning that nothing stays the same for very long. Just when you feel like you’ve cracked it, you get thrown a curve ball and your back to square one. I suspect in years to come I’ll look back and wonder why I worried so much.

But for now I suppose it could be worse, at least he sleeps….TOUCH WOOD ???


With love xx

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