The day we went to the wildlife park…

We are fortunate enough to live in an area of the UK, which Twilight fans would compare to the town of Forks. In other words its pretty grey, rains a lot and would be the ideal home for Edward Cullen’s British cousin…

After spending Saturday walking round a food festival in the rain, I was excited to see the forecast looked promising for Monday! I was also feeling pretty guilty about the incident on Sunday (#badmom), so decided we were in need of a family adventure!

Those who know us personally will know that Ryan is not a morning person. It usually takes me several hours to entice him out of bed, only for him to then spend another several hours in the shower! Maybe he was feeling the dad guilt or maybe he just wasn’t up for the fight, either way we managed to successfully leave the house before 10am.

Conscious that I had spent the weekend overindulging, we grabbed a light breakfast and some healthy snacks at our local supermarket. After forgetting the premade formula for Rory, we had to make another stop on the way. Never the less the journey only took around forty minutes. Obviously it was your typical car journey with a baby, he cried for around thirty-five minutes and fell asleep just before we entered the car park!

I’ve visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on several occasions and each time its been a great day out. However this time was slightly different, as I’ve never visited as a parent.

My first concern was our pram. I’ve talked about its limited capabilities before here, but I was pleasantly surprised how easy we found it to manoeuvre around the park. We did struggle at some points on the narrower raised walkways, but that was only because of how busy it was.

My second concern was Rory’s bowel movements. The past week has seen some pretty explosive and unpredictable poops, which I suspect is a result of him teething. Obviously the park does have baby changing facilities but it was guaranteed to be nowhere near when nature called. Not one to act shy, Rory was more than happy to wave his crown jewels around while we attempted a swift change near the polar bears.

My third concern was the sun. If Rory’s anything like his mum, then the sun is not his friend! I have spent pretty much all of my teenage years trying to perfect a tan with no success. I either burn or stay the same shade of pale! So Rory spent the majority of his day slathered in factor fifty, wearing a hat and sitting in the shade. As Ryan pointed out, he’s probably more likely to develop photosensitivity than he is a sunburn but better safe than sorry!

My final concern was getting Rory to nap. We’re lucky that most days he’ll have a two hour nap in the morning. However due to our urgency to leave the house and then his complete refusal to sleep in the car, by lunchtime he’d napped for a grand total of ten minutes. Turns out I needn’t have worried, a brisk walk around the lions did the job if not all too well. Rory spent the next two hours asleep, missing the majority of the animals. He did however wake just in time to see the Wallabies but to my amusement was more interested in his own shadow!

With my initial concerns laid to rest the day turned out to be a success. I can highly recommend the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to anyone looking for a great family day out. My only grumble would be the cost of drinks but you’ll find it consistent with similar parks.

What also appears consistent is the way our day ended. The same way it started, with Rory crying all the way home, except this time he didn’t fall asleep at all.


With love xx


Monkey and Mouse


  1. October 29, 2016 / 10:07 pm

    Aww, typical for him to fall asleep when you’re going around the park, rather than on the way there in the car. That sounds like my youngest! I’m sure he will have more chances to actually see the animals when he’s older. I’m with you on the Factor 50 though, I often use that for myelf as well as the boys, I just get freckles and burn! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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