The day we went to the indoor soft play…

Today Thursday (yes I am extremely behind on posts and promise to make more effort in future!) has confirmed something which I have suspected for a while, I’m not that fond of children. Obviously this does not apply to Rory, along with a few other very carefully selected children.

One child who is exempt from my maternal disinterest is the overly cute and extremely chunky Henry! I met Claire (Henry’s mummy and fellow blogger) before Christmas at an NCT antenatal course. As our boys were born only four weeks apart, she has become one of my closest mummy friends. We’re also pretty set on making sure the boys become the best of friends….no pressure obviously!

After recommendation from another mummy friend, I suggested to Claire that we take the boys and pop our indoor soft play cherry together! Turns out it wasn’t my greatest suggestion…

After strategically manoeuvring our way into the ball pool, located in the under three’s section, we sat the boys down in a quiet corner. It was there we started the tedious task of trying to make sure the boys refrained from trying to eat any of the grotesque balls.

To begin with we were quietly confident that the presence of two adults in the baby ball pool would surly be enough to keep any unwanted children at bay. Clearly neither of us have that much previous experience of children as it wasn’t long before we were joined by several children.  Soon there were sticky balls flying through the air and one particular boy had decided to take a keen interest in Rory.

Thankfully around this time Henrys breakfast made a reappearance. After a quick clean up using Rory’s socks we made a swift exit.

Although not a complete success I plan on giving soft play another try….in maybe two or three years!

With Love xx

imageRory and Henry enjoying play time 🙂

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