The day we went off road…

On Monday we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head out doors. We recently moved house (eventful with baby!) and as a result we’ve spent far too many sunny days covered in parcel tape whilst trying to catch up on laundry!

Our destination, our local country park (Rother Valley Country Park). Over the past six months, I’ve felt extremely lucky, to live in such close proximity to such a versatile location. As a new mom, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time scoping out safe zones. The definition of a safe zonea location which is easily assessable for pushchairs, provides refreshments which can be purchased by card (I never carried cash before having a baby I certainly don’t have time to now), has adequate baby change facilities and is equipped to handle baby related incident away from judgmental eye.

As I was feeling exceptionally adventurous we decided to stray away from the safety of our normal route and head a little further afield. A brash decision I made based on very little research, but ever the optimist I assembled the pram and we were on our way.

Now the thing I like about my local country park is the terrain. It’s relatively flat, easy to maneuver and poses little risk of waking a sleeping baby, all very important factors when your pram has suspension similar to that of a very low riding sports car! To begin with our new route was looking promising. The terrain was manageable terrain with the advantage of a steady incline, after all that baby weight isn’t going to burn itself. It also gave us the opportunity to take some lovely scenic photos…


*By this point Rory was asleep – Yey sleeping baby! *

Yet my joy was quite short lived. It was around this time I suspected that I may have strayed a little further afield than planned. I had been walking for nearly half an hour and the country park I was hoping to find was still a mere speck in the distance. If you look really closely and squint I’m pretty sure you can see it on the horizon!

But still undeterred and adamant I would not turn back I pushed on. Somewhere around the forty five minute mark I passed a field of lamas and a sign which said uneven surface ahead. Having known my prams limitations this should have been the very literal warning sign I needed…it was not.

The next 20 minutes were spent attempting to navigate our decent down what I later came to discover was a mountain bike trail, for experience riders. Somehow when we reached the bottom I was pleased to discover we were back on familiar territory and even more so that Rory was still asleep! On a normal day he’d wake up if I sneezed, yet today he managed to sleep while been pushed dragged down a mountain bike trail!!!

Knowing that going back the way I had come was not an option I put my faith in Google maps, at the risk of looking like a Pokemon hunter. Surprisingly it only took me twenty minutes to find my way back to the car, along the way I experienced that classic moment where you realise where you went wrong. As expected my somewhat dramatic experience could have been avoided if I had gone straight on instead of taking a left!

And yet there is light at the end of the tunnel! If it wasn’t for my now very obvious error I wouldn’t have had the inspiration for my very first post

With love xx


Monkey and Mouse


  1. October 29, 2016 / 10:43 pm

    Oh no! I can just imagine dragging the buggy down a mountain bike path! We bought an all terrain buggy for our first child as we tend to go on lots of bumpy tracks, but a non off road buggy would be awful on them! Sounds like you did well to keep him asleep and had an adventure whilst you were at it! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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