Taking a Break – When Enough is Enough!

Here I am again. Stuck in another blogging rut while my mojo is packing it’s bags and doing a moonlight flit! This time the issue isn’t my lack of ideas. I have plenty of those – they may not all be good ideas but never the less they’re ideas! Oh no, the problem this time is getting these ideas out of my chuffin head. Whenever I sit down to write I know what I want to say but the words just seem to evade me. Take this post for example. All I want to do is have a right good whinge. Instead I’ve spent at least thirty minutes writing 100 words and I’m still not happy because the sodding SEO: needs improvement. So I’ve decided enough in enough, I’m taking a break!

The strange thing is that I should be on a blogging high. On all accounts last month was a pretty good month. I hit a record number of followers on Twitter and Instagram. I moved up 59 places on TOTS100, my DA went up by 7 and my unique monthly visitors increased by 42%. Not to mention the 200 new likes on my Facebook page and the amazing comments from one of my blogging idol’s. 

So why after such a successful month am I feeling so crappy?

I think I might be having a mid-blog crisis. I’m coming up to my first blogiversary and while I’ve exceeded my own expectations, I still feel like I haven’t really found my voice. It’s something which I often hear other bloggers talking about. Bloggers who I admire talk about how difficult they found it in the beginning. Trying to find their space in the blogosphere without losing their focus and in turn losing themselves. I know it all sounds a little deep and meaningful but at the moment I’m just feeling a little lost.

It’s almost like I’m at a blogging crossroad. On one path I have the option of monetizing my blog and on the other I can continue to write just for the love of writing. If I choose the wrong path then I’m at risk of undoing everything I’ve been working so hard to achieve. It’s also highly unlikely that I’ll ever actually develop my own voice.

I didn’t start this journey with the sole ambition of making money. I just wanted to write. Having said that I’d be lying if I told you the thought never crossed my mind. Given the opportunity I’m sure that most bloggers would want to earn a living from their blogs. Who wouldn’t want to pay the bills doing something you love? But is it really possible to monetize your blog without losing your voice?

I guess everyone is different but I find it easier to write a post for myself. Something which I’m passionate about or is current in my life. Not a post that I know I have to write for someone else. The majority of the time companies are reluctant to pay bloggers. Nine times out of ten they expect a freebie. I doubt there will many people out there who are happy to pay a blogger to write a post about wearing big knickers or having saggy tits. If I’m being completely honest they’re the type of posts which I enjoy writing the most. They also happen to be the posts which receive the highest engagement. So why would I consider writing less enjoyable content just because there’s the promise of a pay check?

Now feels like the perfect time to take a break. I have a couple of weeks off work and it’ll be nice to spend some time with  my boys without worrying about page views or lost followers. I’ll still be writing, but just taking some time away from linky’s and attempting to catch up on some long overdue blogmin. No doubt my lack of social media presence will have a negative impact. I’m sure I’ll lose followers, especial on Instagram but I’m optimistic that in the future I’ll see the benefits. Hopefully taking a step back will give me new inspiration, help me to decide on an ultimate goal and who knows, I may even find my long lost voice!

Taking a Break - Here I am again. Stuck in another blogging rut. So I've decided enough in enough, I'm taking a break!


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  1. June 7, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    Sometimes a step back is needed, like you say to get a fresh stance on everything. Personally I really enjoy reading your posts, and I hope this break will give you the clear mind and forward path you’re looking for! – Becky x

    • Mommyandrory
      June 7, 2017 / 9:23 pm

      Thanks Becky. I’ve really enjoyed my little break so far. Thank you so much for popping by and commenting xx

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