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Welcome back! I hope you’re ready because I’ve got some cracking reads for you. 

This week has been a little busier than normal, mainly due to it been my birthday on Wednesday. Ryan took the day off work and it was lovely to spend some quality time with my boys. It has however meant that writing has not been a top priority. Although I may not have published any literary masterpieces – not that I normally do anyway – I have made time to enjoy some of the posts written by my fellow bloggers! 

who i loved

Kicking off week 3 is Rachel from Our Rach Blogs. I came across her post while aimlessly trawling through twitter late one night. It’s what I do most nights and it’s the main reason I’m usually unable to function. But one positive of living the mombie life is having the time to discover posts which are 100% relatable. In last week’s #SundayBest I talked about the surprise of finding out we were pregnant after not been in a relationship very long. Rachel’s post – From Boyfriend & Girlfriend to Mum & Dad – is all about the strain having a baby can put on your relationship. Reading her post, I felt myself breathe a sigh of relief. Thank goodness it isn’t just us!

I don’t mind admitting here, that since I became a Mum, I’ve had moments, brief but definite moments where I’ve been so tired, so bone crushingly tired that I’ve had enough of the odd argument we’ve been embroiled in and thought to myself…is this really worth it anymore?  Do I really want to be in a relationship?

Fancy reading Rachel’s full post? Head over to Our Rach Blogs.  

who i love

This week’s second post comes to you from one of my favourite bloggers Cécile otherwise known as the The Frenchie Mummy. I’m a massive fan of her blog! I love the French influence in her writing. It gives her blog a special touch, je ne sais quoi! 

This week I came across a post from July last year. In Am I still a cool cat?, Cécile shares with us the story of her Friday night escapade with her work colleagues. Everyone knows that when you have a child your social life becomes a distant memory. What they neglect to tell you is that when you do escape and take a well-deserved evening off, its hard to feel like part of the gang. Suddenly you’ve gone from been the life and soul of the party – drinking shots and dancing on tables – to been the stay at home mom who only wears a bra when she has to leave the house. A funny read which I’m sure most mamas will agree with!

The night out got me thinking. Of course, I loved seeing everyone and it was quite fun. But at the same time, I never felt so different from them. I am not one of them anymore. My life has changed.

If you’d like to read the full post, pop over to The Frenchie Mummy.

who i love

Your third and final portion of post pie come from the gorgeous Claire who blogs over at Now My Name Is Mummy. I often find myself giggling while reading Claire’s posts. She has a way with words and this week’s offering – Let’s Play ‘Guess The Toy’! – is no exception. In this fun post, Claire lists the annoying ditties sung by our least favourite children’s toys.  My point definitely goes to the V-Tech First Steps Walker! It may keep my small human entertained for half a millisecond but if I have to listen to the creaky door open one more time, I’m going to pierce my ear drums with tooth picks!

My tolerance hit its peak the other night when I’d sneaked off upstairs for five minutes of bath time peace. No sooner had I dipped my toe into the inviting, steaming hot, bubbled water did Carl, Henry and the feral pug make their way into the bathroom bringing with them the mother of all irritating toys – the V-Tech First Steps Walker

Stop off at Now My Name Is Mummy to see if you can correctly guess the toys. 

So that’s that! Make sure you pay my featured bloggers a visit and I’ll see you same time, same place next week!

who I loved

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    Thank you so much for this! You’re a start! Xxx

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    Great choices – I love The Frenchie Mummy!
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