Stop Hating on Bloggers: We have Feelings Too!

I don’t know about you but I’m a little sick of this bad reputation bloggers seem to have developed. Sure we put ourselves out on the line and not everyone is always going to agree with us, but are we really that bad?

Lately bloggers are appearing more and more across national news. Papers first slamming them for acting too slummy and now again for self-promoting their seemingly perfect lives on Insta. I mean really, is there nothing more pressing to write about? It seems you just can’t do right for wrong if you’re a real life Mom in the public eye.

As someone who works hard to represent day to day parenting, I find comments like these offensive. It was only a couple of weeks ago that someone I know commented on how she feels that blogs breed negativity. I find this shocking. My personal experience of bloggers and their content is somewhat different.

I started my blog at a time when my life was not my own. I had just birthed a wonderful little human but I was losing touch with the world. Mom Bloggers gave me solace. These online hero’s offered  help from afar, making me realise that it’s normal to have one breast bigger than the other and to cry while watching loose women. Their ‘slummy’ approach to parenting made me realise I was going to be OK. Their ‘perfect lives’ made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. These strong, passionate women inspired me to become more than just a Mom. To rediscover myself and in turn to hopefully help other Mom’s the way they have helped me.

Blogging isn’t about pleasing everyone. Sometimes we choose to write about topics which we know may cause a stir but these are often subjects we feel strongly about. We may not all share the same opinion but that’s no reason to not share our feelings. Often the subjects that cause the biggest divide are the ones which warrant the most discussion. 

Over the next week I’ll sharing content written by real Mom’s. Women whose honest approach to parenting helps to share positivity. I hope that by doing so we can help to squash the stigma and help others to understand what it really means to be a Mommy blogger.    

Monday 11th – Scandi Mummy 
Tuesday 12th – Emma Reed
Wednesday 13th – Mummy Wales
Thursday 14th – Kirsty Dee
Friday 15th – Our Fairytale Adventure
Saturday 16th – We made a Wish
Sunday 17th – Cup of Toast

Stop Hating on Bloggers - Over the next week I'll sharing content written by real Mom's. Women who's honest approach to parenting helps to share positivity.

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