Squirrel Play Wooden Sort ‘n’ Play Activity Cube Review

Wooden toys baby activity cube shape sorter

I have this rule in my house where nobody is allowed to mention the ‘C’ word until after Bonfire night. For weeks I’ve been scuttling past the festive aisles with my eyes to the ground. Everyone knows that once you catch those feels it’s impossible to keep them at bay. One sniff of tinsel and I’ll loading my basket with cheese and driving home to the Jingle Bell Rock.

However this year is set to be slightly different. With a house move scheduled for the 21 November I’ve been left with no option but to start proceedings earlier than normal. Which basically means I’ve spent the past two weeks indecisively scouring the interweb, desperately trying to remember that one thing my mum said she really wanted back in April!

Thankfully, when the lovely team at Smyths sent us a Squirrel Play Wooden Sort ‘n’ Play Activity Cube to review it gave me the kick start I desperately needed!

I always feel like there’s something extra appealing about wooden toys and it isn’t just the fact that they look more aesthetically pleasing when they’re stashed in the corner of your lounge! They just seem special, almost nostalgic. Squirrel Play pride themselves on crafting toys using natural material. The love and care which goes into each design really shines through.

The Squirrel Play Wooden Sort ‘n’ Play Activity Cube is designed for babies and toddlers aged twelve months plus, although as you can tell it still did an excellent job of keeping my nearly three year old quiet!

boy toddler player activity cube wooden toys

The activity cube is a 5-in-1 toy to help keep your child entertained. The colourful shape sorter encourages matching while the fishy bead maze prompts problem-solving. The cube also includes a removable bead runner which is perfect for sharing. Rory had a blast turning the gears but his favourite part was definitely the animal spinners – the child is currently obsessed with lions!

Key Features

  • 5-in-1 toy to spark their imagination
  • Shape sorter with 3 blocks encourages matching
  • Removable bead runner helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Bead maze encourages problem-solving
  • Spinners feature cute animal friends
  • Turning gears introduce cause and effects

As you can tell we both loved the Wooden Sort ‘n’ Play Activity Cube. I’m confident it’s going to make the perfect gift for Rory’s cousin which means at least I’ve ticked one gift of my ever expanding Christmas list!

*This is a sponsored post. As always all views and opinions are very much my own.

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