Does size matter……..when choosing a Christmas tree?

December, the only month where it is acceptable to bring a six foot tree into your home, dress it in lights and expect the dog not to pee on it. But what happens when your Christmas tree doesn’t quite live up to your expectations?

This time last year I was nearly eight months pregnant. I probably weighed around two hundred pounds and was suffering from mood swings that would make even Donald Trump appear friendly!  In hope of keeping the peace Ryan agreed that we could buy a new Christmas tree. 

I’ve always wanted a real tree. However for one reason or another, we’ve always opted for it’s easier to look after cousin, the artificial Christmas tree. It may have always been my dream to spend December with a Fir tree in the lounge, but in my swollen state, 2015 was not the year to make my dreams come true! It was an inevitable disaster waiting to happen, so once again we went for a plastic tree.

At the time it made sense to by a slim line pencil tree. Standing 6ft tall, it slotted neatly into our overcrowded lounge, bringing just enough Christmas cheer into an otherwise sombre room. The artificial tree had done good….in 2015.

Christmas Tree

                  Photobombed by the baby!

Now fast forward a year and a lot has changed. I’m glad to report that I no longer weight two hundred pounds, I’m considerably less swollen and my mood swings are a thing of the past now just a part of life (you can’t have everything). Obviously Rory has graced us with his presence and we managed a successful house move in the summer.  One thing which has remained is our artificial Christmas tree.

Having only purchased it last year, it didn’t feel cost effective to upgrade so soon. It had crossed my mind about having two tree’s.  A real one in the lounge, with the artificial tree demoted to the snug. But then that would mean buying extra decorations which is unjustifiable now I’m on unpaid maternity leave. 

I haven’t  suddenly developed an aversion to our tree. In fact I think it looks quite attractive, as far as Christmas tree’s go anyway. It just appears a little lost in our now much more specious lounge.  It seems our skinny artificial tree hasn’t quite lived up to my Christmas expectations. 

 Maybe next year my dreams will come true? Maybe I’ll finally get to choose my very own real life Fir. Who knows, we may even managed to get it home without having an argument in Morrisons car park (that would be a Christmas miracle). Or maybe we’ll just make do with the plastic one again!

Christmas Tree

                      Expectation VS Reality

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Christmas Tree

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