On your marks, get set, BAKE! #5

traditional bakewell tart

Another week, another bake! This week saw the contestants do battle over pastry.

It was also the week which, according to the sun, left viewers baffled. Apparently Mary Berry’s recipe for a Bakewell tart started a debate on twitter as to whether the Derbyshire treat should be topped with icing or almonds. I’m lead to believe, again by the sun, that people were outraged! 

Not wanting my fellow bake off viewers to be outraged, I decided to put an end to the great twitter debate once and for all! I packed my slightly unhappy child (he’s teething and was refusing to nap) into the car and set off in search of a traditional tart! 

Now I what you’re thinking, I wrestled my whiney child into the car and drove for several hours just for the benefit of you, probably my one and only devoted reader!  Fortunately we only live about twenty miles from Bakewell, which just so happened to be enough time for Rory to take a nap and wake up moderately happy, ready to feed the ducks!

So this week instead of presenting you with one of my homemade creations, I have for you a traditional Bakewell tart made in the The Original Bakewell Pudding Shop.

Although they do sell iced Bakewell tarts, the very nice lady assured me that a traditional Bakewell tart is made without icing and with an almond top. The common afternoon treat enjoyed by a certain Mr Kipling is in fact a Cherry Bakewell!

In case you’re looking for a more traditional Bakewell tart recipe, I have managed to locate one. Strangley enough this one is also by the wonderful Mary Berry. Unsure as to why this one was not chosen for this week’s Bake off but I guess thats another debate for another day!

Sparkly Mummy
Sincerely, Paula



  1. September 23, 2016 / 1:31 pm

    Cherry Bakewells and Bakewell Tarts are both possibly my favourite type of cake, only knocked off the top spot by a decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake if I really fancy chocolate! Thanks for sharing xx #foodiefriday

  2. sparklymummy
    September 28, 2016 / 11:18 pm

    I must have forgotten to be outraged !!! ? Well I have learnt something new today I had no idea that there was a difference between a Bakewell tart and a cherry Bakewell I thought they was one and the same !!!


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