On your marks, get set, BAKE! #4

Batter week! It may have been a first in the bake off tent but in our house its a weekly staple. If your from Yorkshire, the classic beef accompaniment ( Yorkshire pudding) isn’t reserved just for Sundays. In fact there isn’t much us Yorkshire folk wouldn’t serve in a Yorkshire Pud. From stews and casseroles to things a little sweeter like Jam and honey. Personally its not one I’ve ever tried (I’m more of a savoury pudding girl) but I’ve heard stories of those who are partial to a sweeter pud!

One thing I can say I have tried with my pudding, if only by accident, is chilli. This weeks episode saw Val purposefully paring her puds with the Mexican favourite. My one time experience with a chilli pudding happened after I defrosted what I thought was stew, but in fact turned out to be chilli. Having already made my pudding I decided to go along with it, I wasn’t impressed! Since then I have never teamed my puddings with anything more adventurous that a sausage casserole and I still haven’t learnt the importance of labelling leftovers before they enter the freezer!

While I’m on the subject of left overs, we like to refer to our freezer as the land of no return. I often wonder if its just us who freeze meals with good intentions, only a year later to discard the unrecognizable containers, usually to make way for a  new batch of  left overs ready to start their twelve month sentence.

For this weeks bake along, I decided to spice things up a little (but not in the chilli sense) and invited Ryan into the kitchen. Having watched this weeks bake off together he was inspired to create his own stuffed pudding! As he isn’t the most, lets just say experienced cook, I did the majority of the cooking and left Ryan to the presentation of his dish. I think its only fair to let you, the reader of my blog, decide which pudding you think has risen to the challenge!

As both puddings were cooked by myself, you are judging them based on the presentation of the plate. You have until 23rd September to cast you vote. The pudding champion will be announced on next weeks bake off post!

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