Grab Your Wellies – It’s National Walking Month!

The great outdoors. A place where muddy wellies are a necessity, imagination has no limits and fun is only one bear hunt away!

Toddler boy at Langsett reservoir sunshine national walking month
Rory is of an age where prolonged periods of time indoors are just not an option. Envisage a toddler sized tornado of energy and questions, all contained within a tiny two bed terrace – it’s a recipe for disaster (and wine). In hope of retaining my sanity (and functionality of my liver) we spend a lot of our time outdoors. So, when Yorkshire Water asked if we’d like to help promote National Walking Month by visiting one of their reservoirs we were poised, wellies at the ready and with our drill in hand! – When your three-year-old is going through a fixing phase you pick your battles…this was one which I was not prepared to fight!!
Having visited a few of the other local reservoirs I was excited to explore Langsett for the very first time. Disappointingly, in recent months our adventures have been somewhat less adventurous. The prospect of heading out alone, somewhere new when you’re solely responsible for a child can be a tad daunting. Nobody really wants to be the mum who features on the front of the Sheffield Star.…”Mother and son are forced to survive on a sweaty Babybel and a packet of Mini Cheddars* after Sunday stroll goes horribly wrong!” Thankfully a quick spot of pre-adventure planning and a gaze over the handy online map helped put any silly anxieties at ease.
*Other non-cheese-based snacks are available
Mother and Son at Langsett reservoir walking sunshine national walking month
One thing you can’t plan is the weather, that said a little rain never hurt anyone…which was clearly everyone’s motto considering it was a dreary bank holiday Monday yet the free onsite car park (Langsett Barn) was quite literally overflowing. We managed to secure a spot a little further up the road but there is also additional parking available at Langsett Flouch.
Fun fact – Langsett Reservoir is the biggest supply reservoir in the Sheffield district with a capacity of over 1,400 million gallons. One for the history boffins, it was used for training practice during the second world war by the Dambusters squadron prior to the attack on the dams in the Ruhr Valley in Germany.
Mother and Son at Langsett reservoir walking sunshine national walking month
Now the route we took is not for a faint hearted, especially if you’ve got little legs! The map indicates it should take 3 hours to walk the total 3 mile route but in all honesty, it took us quite a bit longer. That said we enjoyed multiple snack breaks, lots of eye spy based chatter and the obligatory wee in the woods – when you gotta go, you gotta go!
Toddler boy at Langsett reservoir sunshine national walking month
The full route may seem a little intimidating but please don’t let that put you off. If you’re considering taking smaller children, you could easily double back on yourself. You’ll shorten the length of the walk but still be able to take in the incredible views and scenery.
As you can probably imagine after our mammoth trek, it didn’t take long for a certain little boy to drift off on the journey home. I also suspect it played a large part in him sleeping for a whopping 14 hours that night!!
So, if you’re looking for a cheap way to entertain the kids, that could quite possibly result in the best nights kip you’ve had in decades – grab your boots, pack those snacks and get yourselves to the nearest Yorkshire Water Reservoir!
Toddler boy sleeping car national walking month Yorkshire Water Sheffield

*This is a sponsored post. As always all views and opinions are very much my own.

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