Merry Blogmas 2016 – A Bloggers advent calendar

Merry Blogmas 2016

I’m not one to shy away from the festivities, so I’ve decided to jump on board the Blogmas express. Get ready readers because Santa clause is coming to town!

I love Christmas and with this year been Rory’s first, I though what better way to capture every joyful moment than to take part in Blogmas.

So what is Blogmas? Basically it’s when bloggers write festive posts each day on the run up to Christmas – like a blogging advent calendar! It may not contain chocolate, but come December 25th you’ll be overloaded with Christmas cheer and virtual tinsel!

I’ll still be running my current series Labour -It’s not like the movies! on Tuesdays and The Pregnancy Diaries on Wednesday’s. I’ll just be including an additional festive post on those days. “Two post’s in one day?” I hear you squeal with delight …don’t you feel special!

So what exactly can you expect over the next 25 days? Well I have a couple of classic’s up my sleeve (must watch Christmas Movies/best Christmas jumpers/favourite Christmas tipple) but I’m really just going to see where the Christmas spirit takes me…in other words I’m winging it so fingers crossed it turns out OK!

So without further ado, pour yourself a glass on Baileys, grab a mince pie and join me for Blogmas 2016!!

 Want to find all the latest festive posts? Click the image below

Merry Blogmas 2016


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