Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for Unorganised Parents

Every year I vow to be more organised. To be the woman who buys her cards in the January sales. The one who finishes her shopping in October and more importantly the mother who on the run up to Christmas can sit back,  relax and drink her body weight in Bailey’s. But alas it is not meant to be. As usual I’m the woman who hasn’t even taken her child to see Santa yet. The one who you’ll see hyperventilating in ASDA and no doubt the mother who will stay up stupidly late on Christmas Eve, wrapping the presents she finished buying 6 hours earlier!

If like me your an unorganised mess, hopefully you’ll find my last minute Christmas gift guide helpful. *I also find that a splash lots of Prosecco always helps!*


Books make for the perfect last minute gift because of a few reasons. Firstly all kids love reading. Whether their six months or six years, there’s a book out there for everyone. Secondly, books are within most people’s budget. Your not going to have break the bank to afford something your kids will love. 

Whether you’re looking for something classic or maybe a chart topping best seller Waterstones have you covered this Christmas. 


Basically like alcohol for kids. It’s so easy to get your hands on, nearly everyone likes it and you’ll still look thoughtful even if you bought it at your local Tesco express! Let them overindulge while you snaffle mince pies and worry about the cavities in January!

If you fancy treating your little cherubs to something extra special why not take a peek at the deliciously festive range from Hotel Chocolat. 


Is it even Christmas if you don’t get a new pair of slippers? They make a practical, cozy gift which everyone can appreciate. It is winter after all and nobody wants cold toes!

Help to bring out your Child’s wild side with this fantastic slippers from Chipmunks. These durable, super comfy slippers are available in sizes 4-9 and make the perfect stocking filler. *Check out their adorable range for pre-walkers available in sizes XS-LARGE (0-18 Months). 


OK it may not be the gift of their dreams but we’re three months into the new school year, chances are their lunch boxes are already looking a bit worse for wear. Christmas is the perfect excuse to go a little crazy and get rid of that plain tupperware. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that these design’s from Becky and Lolo would make excellent gifts. Why not go the whole hog and including a funky water bottle holder!


Everyone seems to have their own traditions when it comes to pajamas. Some people give them on Christmas Eve whilst others save them for Christmas morning. Whatever your preference it’s always nice to give some extra special PJ’s during the holiday season.

If your looking for the PJ’s fit for Christmas morning look no further! Cath Kidston is on the job. With 3 for 2 across some of the range it means you can get the kids photo ready without splashing too much cash. 

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With Christmas less than four days away it's official, I'm panicking! Every year I vow to be more organised. If like me your an unorganised mess, hopefully you'll find my last minute Christmas gift guide helpful.

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