Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries week37

The Pregnancy Diaries week37 - Guest Post written by my close friend as she enjoys her second pregnancy. Follow her story and keep up to date with all the pregnancy gossip!

Week 37. Baby is a stripy skunk (love the animal themes!)

wie seriУЖs ist der broker stockpair This week is a big week for me as I finish work!

follow link I’d been apprehensive about maternity leave and becoming some sort of ‘lost soul’ before the arrival of baby S. I’m no good at being off work as it is. I feel guilty enough having sick days but to leave and not be sick is even worse! Originally I was planning on working another week and finishing next Friday but recently I’ve found it so tiring. Even I that to agree that it was for the best to start my leave earlier.

... Guadagnare soldi online Bonus trading on line 25 Segnali opzioni binarie optionweb go to link Migliori azioni I think we all get a little anxious before we take a holiday from work. When I’m away for 2 weeks I’m always conscious about tying up any loose ends. This is obviously a much longer period of time and I didn’t want to leave anything a mess. I think the strangest part will be not having a routine. We have a strict routine during the week where I know what I’m doing hour by hour. But suddenly that’s all about to change and now I don’t really have plan anything at all. Now, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I do. It feels odd. The week leading up to finishing work was so so busy. There were 2 people off ill in the team and one on holiday so it was all hands to the deck.

here I was grateful it was so busy because I didn’t have too much time to dwell on my impending departure.
Friday soon rocked around and while trying to get ready to leave, a big bouquet of flowers arrived at the office from Paul. It was just what I needed to make me feel better. The card with it saying ‘thanks for looking after our baby’. I can’t even blame my hormones this time, I cried like just like a baby ?
Then my colleagues gathered together to give me a send off with presents and a card; it was all so emotional but I feel so lucky

come richiedere altri demo iq option Next, I had to pack away my desk, put an indefinite out of office on, and leave the building. Arriving home, I found the house full of balloons, banners, more presents and cards from Thomas and Paul. They had really put in so much effort to make the day special for me and yes, I cried again! I am such a wimp! Don’t know what I have done to deserve such amazing people in my life.


That night we went to the hospital to see Paul’s mum who’s finally had her knee replacement. She seemed so well and we can’t wait for her to be fighting fit and ready for her new role as Nan ?

Pregnancy Diaries week37 - Guest Post written by my close friend as she enjoys her second pregnancy. Follow her story and keep up to date with all the pregnancy gossip!This week we also got the exciting news that Thomas has got into the school he wanted! We’re so pleased for him and he was over the moon! So much so that he didn’t even mind going into school dressed as where’s Wally for world book day – he normally hates stuff like that.

I know he’s been worrying about his SATs and getting into the right school. He also told Paul and I that he’s worrying about the baby too. He has it in his head that something might be wrong with the baby like having ADD, like him. I have assured him that this baby will be happy and healthy and that’s all that matters to us. If it does have anything we will just help as we have with him. It worries me that he has so much going on in his head, I just want him to enjoy being 10 and not have a care in the world, but that’s not Thomas. Finding out about his school was just what he needed to cheer him up this week.

Saturday night we went for curry with my sister and her family. I know it’s an old wife’s tale to have a spicy curry to bring the baby on, but I don’t think a tikka korma was quite the right choice! We had a brilliant time though and it was great to catch up with them all.

Sunday we had Becky and Rory over for Sunday dinner. She had some baby things for us that she no longer uses so we took those and had a good old catch up. It was so lovely to see Rory crawling around and babbling away, he has grown up so much! Thomas was so natural with him trying to make him laugh and really looking after him. He even said afterwards that Rory has made him more excited than ever for the baby to get here.

So Monday was the first day of not having to watch the time. I woke up as Paul was sorting Thomas out for school. He’s on late shifts this week so can take Thomas to school on his way to work.

As they literally wouldn’t allow me to lift a finger I stayed in bed after they left. You’d have thought this would be heaven but my hips and back are hurting so much that being in bed isn’t very comfortable at the moment.  So I plodded downstairs to eat and put on the TV. Why is daytime telly so bad?! I was bored after about half an hour and couldn’t be bothered to start a film. So I got dressed and headed out. I found myself wandering around Morrisons looking for things I know I don’t need.

I ended up buying a brownie kit so I could at least pretend that I was a good little housewife for when Paul got home from work. I’m no good at this so far!

The highlight of my day was being able to pick up Thomas from school. Something I’m sure a lot of parents take for granted and so will I eventually. I felt like a real mum for once stood outside waiting for him. I have always worked full time so times like this are extremely rare for me. He was one of the first out of school and ran as fast as he could towards me. The feeling was amazing and I couldn’t wait to get home and crack on with more ‘wifey’ duties like making the tea and pack up for the next day.

I shouldn’t write this off too soon, I think I might actually enjoy it ?

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