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Week 36. Baby is a Chihuahua

This week has been very busy week for appointments starting Wednesday with a visit to the midwife. She ran through my birth plan and had a little check on baby Smedley. All seems to be going well and the baby’s head is ‘well down’. That explains why I am finding sitting down so uncomfortable. I’m getting these horrible cramps now. They always make me think that the baby is on it’s way but no joy so far!

It was nice to actually discuss a plan of action for the evacuation of baby S. I’m not trying to be too brave (give me the drugs!) but just want the baby to have a much smoother ride than Thomas did.

The midwife seems confident that I can have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) with no problems so this is what I’m aiming for. I remember the awful after-pain from my c-section with Thomas so I would like to avoid that if I can.
She did say that she would like me to book a section on or just after my due date. If baby S doesn’t arrive on time the plan is to avoid induction. This seems to be where things went wrong last time.

So the day after I braved storm Doris and went to see the consultant at the Royal. He said he wants to give baby S as much chance as possible of arriving naturally. My caesarean is due to take place on 3rd April allowing me to go 10 days overdue.

Come on baby don’t make me wait that long!!

This week was also parents evening. I was previously told that Thomas would always be behind his peers both socially and academically due to his ADD. It was wonderful to hear that this couldn’t be further from the truth! He’s bright, popular and well on target for his SATs at the end of the school year. His teacher thinks he is brilliant and he can never do enough to help people. Even giving up his play time to give the teachers a hand. Some may say perhaps he’s being a kiss ass but we couldn’t be prouder. He’s just a kind caring kid. It’s nice to know he’s the same at school as he is at home. The fact that they have seen an improvement in his concentration puts my mind at ease. I know that he will be just fine.

We’re currently waiting to hear which secondary school he’ll be going to. It’s never racking but by the time this is published we should know. We really hope he gets into the one behind our house it’s a great school. Whatever happens he makes Paul and I so proud every day. We know he’ll make a brilliant big brother too ?

On Saturday, Paul and I went to antenatal class. It’s a far cry from when I was pregnant with Thomas. I was the only mum there who had been through this before but with the decade time difference I thought it best to go. Back in 2006 I’m sure it was a 5 week course of sessions. It seems cutbacks now mean it’s condensed into just 2 hours.
The midwife running the class was trying so hard to get in all of the important parts. You could tell she wanted more time with us. Although there doesn’t seem to be much change, it was good to get a reminder of the pain relief on offer. Plus I now know what to look out for in early labour. The pains I have been getting feel like I’m at that stage now but it could be in my head….

After this I had to dart across to Sheffield as it was a friends surprise baby shower. I have known this girl since we were at school and it is so nice to be having our babies at the same time. She’s been through a lot to get pregnant and I never forget how I’ve not had to endure anything like that. We had a lovely afternoon and it brought back lovely memories of my own last week.

Saturday night saw me venturing into Sheffield to meet a group of mates for a drink. It was another friend from schools birthday. The bar was so busy. I felt like a blimp walking in at the side of everyone else who were all looking glam. After getting myself a mocktail, I stood in the corner where nobody could knock me. It was great to catch up with everyone but I’m sure I stuck out like sore thumb. I couldn’t wait to come home, put on my very unsexy pjs and snuggle up to Paul in front of a film. Bliss.

Sunday we caught up with some of Paul’s friends for another birthday and went out for tea. I’m pretty sure I have partied way too much this weekend for someone at 36 weeks pregnant and should put my cankles up now really. ?

One week of work until mat leave and I’m counting down the hours!

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  1. March 2, 2017 / 1:22 pm

    Baby Chihuahua made me chuckle! I hope you got the Secondary School you wanted. I hope you don’t have to wait an extra 10 days! Good luck with it x

  2. March 6, 2017 / 1:16 pm

    Plan of action for the evacuation of baby S..I love that. I think its fab news about your little man doing so well, I am glad he has proven them wrong and you should be very proud! One week left and you can wear pyjamas all day if you like and it would be well deserved! I hope the birth goes well, I had a complex one the first time round so am reassured so many other people have normal birthhs after c sections and surgical ones! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

  3. March 8, 2017 / 11:42 am

    I think I counted down the minutes as it seemed to take forever to arrive!!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

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