Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries #week22

Week 22 baby is an aubergine

This week has really taught me that I am not superwoman. I am a hormonal swollen bag of cramp.

I cannot flex, stand for too long, sit for too long or even sleep for too long without being in agony. It’s my back, hips and legs, or just going completely numb!

I’ve suffered with sciatica since I was a teenager and coped. But when its combined with pregnancy, I start to feel like an old lady. It’s not fun. The newest symptom is waking up with numb hands and feet every morning. It’s makes getting ready for the day ahead very interesting! I’m sure it’s linked to a nerve problem or bad circulation but does anyone else have this?

I was really tested on Saturday when Paul and I decided to go to Meadowhall shopping centre to do Christmas shopping. Thomas was spending the weekend with family at the coast so we thought we would get the task out of the way. I hate Meadowhall at the best of times (i am not a fan of shopping) but on a Saturday, when we have no idea what we are getting is my idea of hell! Luckily it wasn’t too busy and we managed to crack a few presents early on.

Pretty soon my legs started to ache and as I was carrying bags (not heavy ones Paul would never let me!) I noticed my hands had gone numb again. I’m finding it really annoying as with my first pregnancy I did everything myself. Slowly but surely, this time I am becoming more and more useless!

Also losing my cool is getting more frequent, especially at work. Had another episode where I thought I was going to cry for no reason. Pull yourself together Kerrie!!

On Sunday i organised a surprise party for someone I used to work with at Pizza Hut. It was her 70th birthday. It was a brilliant opportunity to catch up with some old friends that I haven’t seen for years. We spent the afternoon laughing at all of the stupid things we used to get up to…before we had any responsibilities. Back in the day it wasn’t really a job to us but more of a social occasion. We actually loved being there. Some nights we would stay for hours after closing just to have drinks and spend the evening laughing at each other.

I was a young care free person back then and could work hard and play hard in equal measures.

I was working there when I fell pregnant at 22. Everyone who normally made sure I was hammered, were then there to support me. The thought of being a single mum wasn’t that scary with those people around me.

pregnancy diaries

It was great to see them all again and be in a completely different place in my life. Our lives have all changed so much yet none of us seem to be any different at the same time.
We have all vowed to make a conscious effort to meet up more often. It’s something I’m going to make sure I do whilst on my maternity leave! 🙂 

This week we have a busy one yet again. We’re visiting our first Christmas market this weekend and I cannot WAIT!!



  1. November 24, 2016 / 7:51 pm

    Ah, thanks for reminding me to drop a line on some old colleagues – it’s so easy for days to turn into months and even years when you have tiny time thieves around! Thanks so much for linking up to #coolmumclub 🙂

  2. November 25, 2016 / 7:17 am

    I know where you’re coming from. My first pregnancy was pretty easy and I loved it, my last one was horrendous, I had terrible pains in my hips and back and I also used to wake up with numb hands and feet, everything was just so much harder to do and I was definitely a lot more volatile emotionally too, angry one minute, crying my eyes out the next. It was exhausting! I know it’s a cliche but it was all worth it, hope things settle and get easier for you x

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