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Week 18. Baby is a dragon fruit!

Really starting to notice a bump this week so have started ramping up on the maternity shopping. Baby is very active as well now so when I don’t feel it for a few hours, mild panic sets in. I tend to whittle about most things anyway but I know I will drive myself crazy with it. Luckily the Doppler is helping me and stopping me from doing Pauls head in 🙂

I finally got to enjoy part of my birthday present this weekend and had a trip to London with Paul. First we took Thomas to meet his dad in Brentwood, Essex, as he was going to spend the week in Kent for half term with him. His dad lives in Kent so they don’t get to spend too much time together so it was nice.

While we were there we had a look around the little boutiques and had to refrain from buying too much for baby, but I managed to sneak a little purchase of some gorgeous bibs 🙂

Then Paul had organised for us to stay 2 nights near the Tower of London and to see the musical Motown. We crammed everything in, walked what felt like 200 miles, round the shops, round the sites, took the tube, took the river taxi, saw Big Ben, ate at Jamie’s Italian and drank on a roof terrace overlooking the city. It was perfect. Gorgeous autumnal weather, chilly yet sunny. We even went into Harrods and I treat us to some new Christmas baubles…well it is nearly November 🙂

london bridge sightseeing trip happy

The weekend was amazing, and was so nice to spend some quality time with Paul, but some of the weekend I seemed to have a second wind of the rubbishness I felt in my earlier weeks of pregnancy. The only thing I could compare it to was having a constant hangover. Pounding, debilitating headaches and dizziness which made getting around seem really difficult. It was worse when travelling up and down stairs and escalators especially on the underground. Problem I have is I have an allergy to paracetamol so now cannot take any pain relief at all. 4head seems to work when I put it on my temples but once you hit the fresh wintery air, your head is freezing!

I wonder if anyone else has had this problem? Getting over the first stage of pregnancy, feeling well, then feeling rubbish all over again?

I did initially put it down to one of my cravings which has been sour sweets. I know I have been overindulging in these as I have made my own tongue bleed a few times which is soooo painful!

As I’m trying to combat the headaches I’ve stopped with the sweets and drank gallons of water, it seems to be working so far.

Any ideas how to get around this? Or substitute for my sugar cravings?? ?

Even through this, loved London and cannot wait to go back on New Year’s Eve for the fireworks!

Thank you Paul 🙂

Cuddle Fairy

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