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Week 15. Baby is a pear ?

This week I have been discovering how I am now unable to squeeze myself into/through/past things. Although I can’t seem to remember this  phase from the first time!
I have found myself in several situations where I have needed to get from A to B, but my route has been compromised by things being too close together. Normally i would happily squish myself past but now I have developed a solid middle, theres no give! Try as I might I just can’t squeeze!

 We all went out to eat on Friday before going to the circus, both places were packed solid and I had a mild panic that I wouldn’t be able to get in or out! I’m hoping that when I am ‘more obviously’ pregnant, people will move for me and not just stand and stare, as if they are saying  “just squeeze past fatty!”

 family time circus going out kids 
We are currently moving Thomas into the attic bedroom so we can have his smaller room for the nursery. Maybe we’re being overly protective of his feelings but we have promised him a full set of brand new bedroom furniture and anything he wants to be able to make him feel like he is still our top priority. Problem that this has posed for us is the heavy lifting and several pieces of flat pack furniture to build!
This is where I become a bit of a hindrance. All I want to do is help get everything sorted but I’m not allowed to lift a finger! (I actually just want to take over and do everything myself but that is the control freak in me) 

It is quickly getting past the point where I feel ‘protected’ and just feel well, bloody useless! From doing the whole pregnancy on my own last time and just being generally stubborn, this is a new feeling for me. Basically inept! I just have to keep thinking it’s for the baby and everyone means well and in 6 months time I can go back to normal 🙂

This also made me realise how different it will be this time around with a child to think about that is already here, I need him to remember that baby changes nothing between him and us.

Paul has buckled first and bought our baby his/her first gift, a little outfit. It is so cute but now I have to wait sooooo long to see the baby wear it! 
Just wish I had more patience 

Midwife in the morning, hope everything is still going okay in there. Will update next week 🙂

new bedroom build happy boy

Thomas and his new furniture


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