Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries week40

The Pregnancy Diaries week40 - Guest Post written by my close friend as she enjoys her second pregnancy. Follow her story and keep up to date with all the pregnancy gossip!

Week 40. Baby is a beach ball

Well this baby is looking as though it is just as stubborn as his/her big brother!

Thomas went 12 days overdue and I am not looking any nearer to having this baby yet. On the plus side at least this time I wont have to be induced. Hopefully I’ll be getting a Caesarean section on Monday.

Saying that, this is worst case scenario for me out of my options. I’m still trying everything I can to help the baby arrive by natural ways and means. I’d like to avoid having the c section if  I can help it. I remember the pain from recovery last time and how it can be slightly debilitating. I also want to avoid the longer stay in hospital and get back home to Thomas and Paul.

But whatever will be will be. I’m sure this baby will keep us guessing until the last minute!

I have noticed that my bump seems to have expanded to a magnitude where I have to walk arching my back to balance myself out, it is so heavy! It’s dropped so far down that every step feels like the baby is going to drop out. Now the twinges and pains are just there all the time. The heartburn has pretty much gone now though which is a bonus. I think I’m actually sleeping a lot better than I was.

I know I’m going to miss my pregnancy belly once the baby is born. Sounds daft, but you are never quite that close to your baby ever again. Plus you never feel alone when you are carrying a baby. Aside from that we can’t wait to see it’s little chubby face now.

I’m also getting the hang of maternity leave finally. I have found that there is no point me fighting it, I have to stay busy. I’m up with Thomas for the school run anyway so it makes sense plan at least some activities throughout the day. I’ve been meeting friends and family. It’s a great way to occupy myself without knackering myself out.

Another fun activity is going to afternoon bingo with a friend. It’s been so funny. We must be the youngest in there by a good 40 years but we keep up with the rest of the pros! I’m filling my days meeting people for coffee or dinner. Having people over at our house also works really well. I don’t miss a trick as everyone is keeping me up to date with the ‘real world’ while I basque in baby cooking land.

Not sure if anyone else has this but I have noticed this week that my temper has shortened a great deal. This seems to be worse when I’m on my own. For example waddling around town doing a little Mother’s Day shopping for a party we were having on Sunday. I’m not sure if it was the hot weather, the sheer amount of weight of my body was dragging around chesterfield or the fact I felt very vulnerable on my own. People were approaching me in the market square trying to get me to sign up to various broadband services etc by using witty one liners about my bump. As though I was also wearing a sandwich board saying…pick on me I can’t run away!

After ignoring several people, one chose to be quite persistent. I couldn’t walk away very fast with my heavy bags and it made me feel very uncomfortable.

I then went into one shop and had quite a lot of goods to put through the till. The woman couldn’t be quicker ringing everything through. Considering I wasn’t playing supermarket sweep and it was very quiet I didn’t really understand her urgency. I was still unloading my shopping but I quickly asked her for some bags. She said “I’ll get you one in a minute”, continued totting up the purchases and piling everything precariously on the edge of the till.

Once she’d done, she told me the total as she was handing me a carrier bag. I tried my best to pack as quick as I could and pay at the same time to keep her happy. After the payment was made, instead of helping me pack, she asked for the next person in the queue to move up. Okay I get that she has a job to do but I was clearly struggling to manage and there was no room for another person there. The person behind moved forward and started to unpack her basket, pushing me out of the way and mixing her shopping with mine.

I think I lost the plot a little here and shouted “I haven’t finished do you mind waiting?!!”

Both women looked at me like I was a lunatic. I felt so rushed that my patience had completely gone to pot. I’ll admit I had to have a little cry in the car. I’m obviously now at the stage where I need to know my limits! Crazy nine month pregnancy hormonal limitations!

I’m also getting to the point where I feel absolutely useless. I’m now so big, heavy and bloody clumsy. Plus the baby brain has made an epic comeback. I don’t feel like I can really do much at all without causing damage to myself or others.

I sit down for a cuppa and Paul has to hoist me back out of the sofa with all of his strength. Getting out of the bath is on a whole other level! Its not dignified at all!

On Wednesday I went to see the midwife for what I hope would be my last antenatal appointment. Baby was happy and kicking away. Also my blood pressure is back to normal so all is good. The midwife had already said that she would give me a membrane sweep to try and bring on some movement. I remember having one with Thomas. While it wasn’t the nicest experience I’m up for anything that’s going to get things moving!

Sweep done she said that she wasn’t hopeful but I was a centimetre dilated so not all bad. She said baby still had a little wriggle room to move down so could be a few more days yet.

Although it was disappointing, I was glad that all was okay with baby S. I still held onto a glimmer of hope that the midwife had worked her magic anyway. No such joy…yet!

On Sunday, after visiting Paul’s family, we had a gathering at our house for Mother’s Day.

My mum and dad thought this would be best so I’m not travelling too far and can relax (ish) at home. They came over with my sister and brother, my nephews and my brilliant grandma. I have missed that woman so much. Since being temporarily banned from travelling over the Pennines I’ve not been able to pay her a visit. It so was a lovely treat to have her for the day with us.

I’m a big family person so this was my idea of a brilliant day. Utter chaos but thats what family is all about. Thomas bought me a lovely willow tree model of a boy and a baby with their mum. It really brought a tear to my eye. It was a shame that our little bundle didn’t arrive in time for Mother’s Day but I had everyone else around me that I love so couldn’t ask for more than that.

I’ve been getting cramps and they have felt strong but then have disappeared which is gutting but I am not giving up! This will be my last week and we will have our baby this time next week so that’s all I care about! I have another sweep booked in for next Thursday at the hospital. I’m also going to sign the consent forms for my section so you never know that could be the thing that does it. In the mean time I will carry on being as active as I can, bouncing on my ball and eating excessive amounts of pineapple!

Next week will be my last diary entry so will update you with the outcome of my long journey then!

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  1. March 30, 2017 / 10:51 am

    Ah lovely update. I remember missing my pregnancy belly for a a good while after and getting very ratty at around this time! Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  2. Amanda Blackburn
    March 30, 2017 / 11:51 am

    Good luck! Hope everything goes well. It’s so hard towards the end. I was 2 weeks over with all of my 3 and had to be induced. Is frustrating when you want to get some sleep before your new baby but you can’t because it’s so uncomfortable towards the end. How exciting your new little one will soon be in your arms!

  3. Amanda Blackburn
    March 30, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Have commented above don’t know what happened there x

  4. March 30, 2017 / 7:26 pm

    I love that willow tree figure, I have it too! Good luck and everything crossed that baby arrives soon and safely ? Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

  5. April 5, 2017 / 11:17 am

    I lost it with a woman in our Tesco car park when I was a week overdue – she’d parked in a parent & child bay without a child, forcing me to use a normal space & try & squeeze me & the kids out either side – and I cried afterwards too! #coolmumclub

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