Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries week30

Week 30. Baby is as big as a large cabbage.

We’re now at the 3/4 mark so. Just 10 weeks left to cook this little monkey and then life as we know it will change forever! It feels so weird to have met this milestone. I thought I would worry less at this point and the excitement would take over. However I still worry so much the closer we get to D day. I worry about the baby arriving okay. I really hope that I don’t manage to mess this up. As much I want this, I have the added pressure of a whole other family who want it just as much as us!

We now have a complete nursery. We have most of the hospital stuff I need and would be pretty much okay if the baby decided to drop in on us early. For something to snag now would be devastating.

I can tell baby S has a lot less space to play these days and is far less violent with me because of it. ?
I have had what feels like a foot in my stomach which was so painful. Paul has now physically seen the baby kick as well as feel it. He said it was like something out of alien!

My sleep deprivation has certainly ramped up this week. I have been replaced by a zombie and my touché eclat is my new best friend. I’ve woken up a couple of times in the bathroom in the middle of the night so auto pilot has kicked in at some point. I might as well set up a bed in there to be honest. It’s where I spend most of my night! The midwife has recommended lavender oil to help me sleep so will give that a try this week. Fingers crossed it helps.
The transition from not needing a wee at all to bring absolutely desperate is about 2 seconds long. It’s awkward when in shops or driving somewhere, but I am getting the hang of it.

At the weekend I took mum and my sister to Nottingham for a bit of a treat. It was my sisters 30th in December so I bought her the trip as something to look forward to. I thought it would be a good excuse to go away just us girls and have a laugh. We stayed at a hotel on the outskirts and shopped, ate and drank all weekend. It was brilliant.
We made a vow to make sure we make time to do something similar at least once a year. We’re all so busy with our little families but we should still make time for each other.
I had missed my boys though so was looking forward to being home and being able to chill out with them both. I’m like an old woman!

pregnancy diaries week30

I saw the midwife today for a check-up and baby S is apparently head down already. I wondered why there was a sudden discomfort when sitting down! Everything is going really well, to my relief there are no health worries so far.
Still no note’s from Jessop’s yet which is getting beyond frustrating. It seems both my requests and the hospitals have just been forgotten. When I called today, no one had any idea what I was asking for. I’m on the verge of giving up! I just wish it wasn’t such hard work to get the information i need! The midwife assures me that she will work through a birth plan with me. She says the doctors will know what to look for when I’m in labour so I don’t go through the same trauma as last time.
Fingers crossed everything works out!

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  1. January 20, 2017 / 10:28 pm

    I remember the immediately needing a wee emergencies from my last pregnancy, especially when stairs were involved … or siting down … or standing up … or rolling over in bed. Oh dear, good luck x

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