Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries week29

Week 29, baby is a winter squash

Restless leg syndrome has been my arch nemesis this week. Just when I want to sit and relax after a busy day, my legs have other ideas! It is the worst feeling because it isn’t painful, it’s just annoying.
My legs seem to ache a lot at the moment anyway but taking the weight off is normally enough to help. Now being sat on my hips makes my legs very tingly and twitch involuntarily.  It started off being amusing but quickly became frustrating.
It has now started to affect my already heavily broken sleep. I just can’t stop them from being restless! I’m hoping that this goes when baby S appears!

Also this week seems to be the return of morning sickness and headaches. Surely I have done enough of that! ? When I wake up in the morning I get this awful crampy tummy ache which makes me feel so sick. Luckily once I eat, I feel much better so maybe it’s the baby demanding food first thing in the morning. This little monkey has such a personality already I’m pretty sure it will be showing us who is boss from day 1!

The headaches have knocked me for 6 this week. I even had to leave work one day when I couldn’t bear it anymore. It makes the daylight seem too bright and the office lights are painful, not to mention the computer screens. The fact that I’m unable to take any painkillers makes them a lot scarier for me but I hope this is just a short phase.
Not many weeks left to go now…I can do this!

This week has been project nursery and we have pretty much cracked it already! So much for taking our time while we wait for baby to arrive.

We enlisted help from my brother and Paul’s sister in law at the weekend. Daniel is an electrician so he gave us a hand installing the light fitting, along with the shade we’ve chosen. It makes the room look so cosy but also shines different patterns on the wall which I think the baby will love.
Then on Saturday night Natalie came over. She’s brilliant at wallpapering, so we had a girlie night getting that done. We had such a laugh and it was really handy to learn how to decorate while the boys kept well out of the way. We sent them out for take away at one point as we needed to make them feel useful ? It was lovely to get the family involved. Now the room is nearly ready for our new addition and we all love it!

pregnancy diaries week29

Thomas stayed with his friend (who is my very good friend’s son) on Saturday night so we could get everything done. On Sunday when we went to pick him up, my friend Fran did a gorgeous Sunday dinner for us. She has 3 kids ranging from 1 to 10 years old, so gives us a great insight. Especially as our family will have a similar age-gap. Fran seems to make it look so easy. However seeing how Paul is with them all, I realise we will be okay. He is already an amazing step-dad to Thomas, this baby is so lucky to have Paul as his/her daddy ❤

When we got home we had to build the cot. Being a bit of a control freak and with Paul hating flat pack furniture, I wanted to do this by myself. Although I’m built like a blimp and have the strength of Mr Muscle, I needed Paul’s help. Paul was brilliant and we were a great team.

The room looks exactly how we wanted. We keep going in and looking at it a little amazed that there will be a little person in there soon. It gets us both a little emotional to imagine it all because we cannot wait.

pregnancy diaries week29
All we need now is a couple of accessories and it will be complete. I love the ideas on the French Blossom website. I’m just waiting for my purchase to arrive from there which is a giant cloud lamp. The room has a very relaxed feel to it and think this will finish it off nicely.

This has given us the bug now. Were eager to get the rest of the house looking nice so I think my maternity leave will be very busy ?

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  1. January 11, 2017 / 5:47 pm

    Well done on getting the nursery done – it looks fab. Restless legs are horrible – I had them in pregnancy too. Sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering with headaches though. Worth giving the midwife a call though just to make sure they’re not a sign of anything worrying if you haven’t already done so though. #bloggerclubuk

    • January 11, 2017 / 7:01 pm

      Good point I never thought of that. I’m seeing my midwife on tues so I’ll mention it to her just in case, thank you! x

      • Mommyandrory
        January 12, 2017 / 10:38 am

        Make sure you mention it Kerrie, hopefully it’s not anything to worry about but better safe then sorry! GOD I sound like such a mom! xx

    • Mommyandrory
      January 12, 2017 / 10:39 am

      Good thinking! You can never be to careful! Thanks for reading xx

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