Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries week27

Week 27, baby is a papaya but my belly is mainly Christmas food 😳

It’s Christmas! Supposedly a time for the goose to be getting fat…but that would be me instead!

I broke up from work on the Wednesday and have been a lady of leisure ever since.
Thomas and I spent the next few days running around like headless chickens trying to get everything ready for Christmas. Along with as many visits to family and friends as we could cram in. It was so lovely to be able to catch up with people but as we were down to one car, I had to make sure I was there to pick up Paul from work each day.

He didn’t have the pleasure of finishing early for Christmas. He even worked Christmas Eve 😕

I dared to take Mum and go on a last minute Asda shop for the fresh food we need for our little party on Boxing Day. It was bedlam. I couldn’t get past anyone on the aisles and I couldn’t find a space to stand where I wasn’t in someone’s way. I already feel as big as a house but this made me feel even worse! Plus reaching up to top shelves proves difficult when you have the world’s biggest belly. I can’t even carry anything heavy so I was neither use nor ornament really!

Could have done with a swift drink after that but no such luck! I was so glad my cousin had invited us over for tea so I could relax.

The next day was Christmas Eve. We went for a cooked breakfast with some friends while waiting for Paul to get home. One of our friends has a little boy who is about 18 months old and I cannot wait until our baby is at the same age. It will make Christmas so magical again!

After breakfast we went to see some Christmas lights before heading home to watch home alone and waiting for the big man to arrive. Thomas and Paul had already decided they were getting up at 7am as they were too excited.

The biggest kid (Paul) didn’t make it that far. He woke up at 5 and then had to wait until half 6 to wake Thomas up.

We wanted to spoil Thomas this year as it’s his last Christmas before the baby arrives. So he woke up to a huge pile of presents. It was a brilliant day rushing around to see both sets of families. Paul spoiled me and bought me a weekend away to Ruthin castle, which I hope we can fit in before March!

On Boxing Day we had the Owen family over to ours for a little Christmas party. It’s always manic but so much fun. However I’m concerned the house will never be the same again 😊
I haven’t missed having a tipple too much although I have missed the odd night out. It just isn’t the same when you’re fat and tired.

The baby is getting to the stage where I can tell I have limbs sticking out of my belly, and the bump has dropped to the point where it is quite uncomfortable to sit down or lean forward.
Third trimester is definitely upon us 😊

All in all I’ve been spoiled rotten. We’ve all eaten and drunk far too much but spent time with the people we love the most

Back to work tomorrow and back to reality 😩

Such a brilliant Christmas! I absolutely cannot wait for next year when there will be a mini Smedley in tow. Merry Christmas!

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