Guest Post – The Pregnancy Diaries #week21


Pregnancy diaries #week21 – baby is a cantaloupe (whatever that is)

It’s #week21 and the bump has decided to grow so rapidly it will soon need its own postcode ?

Things I currently can’t do with my space hopper tummy…
1. Pick up anything off the floor while sitting down
2. Put on socks or boots
3. Wear anything remotely attractive
4. Sit in booths in restaurants without getting stuck
5. Get up from being sat down without rocking first
6. Roll over in bed without a lot of effort

I don’t have one of those neat little bumps though where the rest of my body looks normal, I seem to be expanding everywhere, I look like a blimp!

Anyway enough about my nutty professor style body, this week the baby is moving and wriggling around a lot and I love it. It even has a routine so I know certain times of day baby will start booting me. Paul still can’t feel it yet though which is frustrating but I know it won’t be long!

We finally purchased the perfect Moses basket, absolutely love it and cannot wait to have baby here to put in it ?all seems to be coming together nicely now but we have to put a pause on the baby buying and start Christmas shopping now.

This weekend has been quite action packed

We sent Thomas off for a weekend with his Aunty and uncle so Paul and I went for a day to the horse racing at Uttoxeter with some friends. We quickly realised we were absolutely hopeless at betting. Picking horses for their names/colour is not the way forward! However it was a brilliant day and it didn’t bother me one bit that I was missing out on the drinking. We all had such a good laugh anyway.


Sunday we went to watch the football as Paul is a huge chesterfield FC fan. It was a local derby as they were playing Sheffield united so we expected some level of friction between the fans but quite soon into the match,  people were fighting in the stands. Luckily we were sat quite high up in the kop and out of harm’s way but it made us realise how easily we could have been caught up in the middle of it.

We were so pleased Thomas had decided to swerve the game as I think it would have put him off ever going again but I think I might have to avoid a lot of the matches now as I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I can’t protect baby. After the way his team played, I doubt Paul will go to many now anyway ?

I’ll update next week, Kerrie x

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