Contributed Post: Every Mommy needs to Relearn Old Skills

Relearn Old Skills: The path to motherhood is a path of rediscovery. Rediscovering who you are and adapting your life to fit your mother’s role into it.

You’ve probably read enough pregnancy and baby guide books for a lifetime! With the first baby, every mother has to learn new skills, from changing nappies to breastfeeding – or using the bottle, it’s up to you. Like with all new experiences, you would have had some bad days before mastering the art of the tight and comfortable nappy, for example. But so is life, and you’ve already forgotten about the days when you didn’t quite know how your baby actually “worked” when you didn’t understand the nuances in screams and cries. Does the baby need feeding now? Or was it a scream for bed? Thankfully, most new mothers only need a few weeks to understand their baby’s needs and master a new skill set. So it’s fair to say that the days of uncertainty and lack of baby skills are long gone. But have you considered how much having a baby changes your life? You need to relearn everything you could do before while still wearing the mommy cap. Get ready to embrace old skills and practice them anew.

Relearn Old Skills: The path to motherhood is a path of rediscovery. Rediscovering who you are and adapting your life to fit your mother’s role into it.

Working in an office

There’s nothing worse than going back to work after you’ve had a baby. At first, it seems like you’ve got plenty of time before heading back to the office and suddenly the alarm clock rings and you need to put that old suit back on. Don’t worry; it’s normal at first to feel sad and depressed at the idea of abandoning your baby. People won’t be mad at you if you break down during your first few days back. But things will get better. Your first task, though, is to adapt the old work routine to fit into your new life. Yes, you can focus on your work and no, that doesn’t make you a bad mother. Besides, you’ve got an excuse to leave on time: you need to pick your baby up.

Socialising with friends

Most new parents tend to fall into the traps of social regression after having a child. They isolate themselves from their social circles, thinking that good parents need to spend time with their children. In reality, you need to be a balanced individual, with friends, if you want to be a good parent to your child. So let the baby with the grandparents for the night and accept your friend’s invitation to meet up. In memory of the good old times, you should also bring a present if you’re a guest – a bottle of wine is always a nice touch. If you want to make an impression, check the ultimate guide from The best way to use wine as a gift is to personalise the present with tech gadgets, or maybe a few exquisite sets of cheese and crackers.  

Spending time with your better half

You’re a mother, but that doesn’t mean that you stop being a wife or a girlfriend. You need to invest time and effort in your relationship with these few tips from babycentre.couk. Staying close is not a given: you need to make it work and to spend time with each other every day, regardless of how tired you feel. Taking your relationship for granted after having a child is the first mistake that drives couples apart. So remember to share your love between your baby and your partner.

Rediscovering the art of pampering

For new mommies, it can be difficult to take care of themselves. In fact, things like haircut and manicure might seem like an old memory from the past. But don’t let it be so. You need some me time during your week, and you can use it for pampering. A baby group in Birmingham has decided to address this need by providing some simple nail care treatments while the younger guests play together. Of course, it doesn’t replace a day at the spa. But treating yourself and making yourself feel beautiful can help to forget all those sleepless nights! Being a good mother starts by taking care of yourself too.

Remember your forgotten passion

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that being a mother is your new role until the end of your life. You are still a person of multiple skills and talents. Being a mother doesn’t mean that you should stop doing what you like. Being passionate about your hobbies, or wanting to fulfil a dream, is an essential factor of happiness in your life. It’s about remembering that you’re more than a mother,  you’re a complex human being with dreams, emotions and aspirations, If painting landscapes or making clothes used to make you happy in the past, there’s no reason to give up your hobbies now. You can always find some time to be yourself!

The path to motherhood is a path of rediscovery. Rediscovering who you are and adapting your life to fit your mother’s role into it.

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