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I LOVE to see a baby in a romper! A practical outfit, versatile enough to suit both summer and winter. It provides the necessary amount of cute without sacrificing on comfort.  Yet I  struggle to find enough affordable designs to feed my never ending romper addiction.

One high street retailer who never disappoints is Gap. After ogling their summer rompers, I was excited to take a look at their Autumn/Winter collection. I was not disappointed! In my eyes there’s not much which can beat a romper, that is except a knitted romper! As excited as I was, I can no longer justify spending twenty plus pounds on a single item of clothing. September marks the eighth month of my maternity leave, and as we hurtle towards Christmas every penny counts.

Feeling the pinch, you can imagine my delight when we spotted a Gap outlet on our recent trip to the Yorkshire wildlife Park. Having recently completed a haul at our local next outlet I was keen to add some new (bargain) labels to Rory’s ever expanding wardrobe.

I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who actually enjoys to shop, so persuading Ryan to spend his Monday off work traipsing around Lakeside shopping village wasn’t too difficult. We did make it a flying visit as we had plans to take Rory to the Deep but never the less it was a lucrative trip.

IMG_3255 IMG_3253

I was impressed to find a wide selection of Autumn/Winter stock (including rompers) with the majority sporting a hefty 40% discount. What was more appealing was the shop itself. Now I love a bargain but what I love more are tidy rows of clothing organised by size and preferably grouped into similar trends. I’d rather tattoo profanities about Justin Bieber onto my forehead and walk into a room of beliebers than shop in T K Max, no offence to T K Max I just don’t have the patience! If it hadn’t been for the fact that I saved nearly FIVETY pounds, I wouldn’t have been able to tell it apart from a regular Gap.

My haul (noun: a quantity of something that has been stolen or is possessed illegally – although obtained legally, metaphorically speaking a ‘steal’ at the price I PAID!) included a total of three outfits, along with two additional jumpers and the cutest denim jacket know to man kind! Been the super organised mommy I am, I purchased the majority of my shop in a larger size. As excited as I am to see him rock his new hoody, I have to make sure we get our moneys worth!

**God I’m turning into my mother!**


With love xx





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