2016 you’ve got a bad rep but for me, you were awesome!

As the year comes to a close, I feel a little sorry for 2016. It has developed such a bad reputation across social media which I don’t think it deserves. Several of our celebrity hero’s may have passed away, but surely that can’t be the only thing which constitutes a bad year? 2016 you’ve got a bad rep, but don’t worry. I think you’ve been pretty amazing!

It’s quite possible that I am in the minority, however this year will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the year that I became a mother. The year our partnership became a family and the year I spent entirely with my boy. I’m happy to admit that I’m sad to see the back of 2016. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, nevertheless we’ve made so many wonderful memories, it would be unfair to say it hasn’t been my favourite year to date!  

With that in mind, I’ve decided to pull together a light-hearted list of some of the GOOD things which took place in 2016. Please let me add emphasis to the word light-hearted.

Some horrendous events have taken place this past year. Events which have affected people from all different walks of life. This post is not intended to diminish the severity of these events or offend anyone whose year has not been one to celebrate. To those of you who eagerly anticipate the arrival of the New Year, I really hope it treats you well.

So here, in all its light-hearted glory, are my top ten GOOD things which happened in 2016:  

      1. Becoming a mother – If only I’d have known the easy part was actually giving birth! It may have taken 36 hours to part with him, but that’s nothing in comparison to the hours spent worrying how long a baby can survive on only Babybel’s and strawberry yogurt!
      2. A year of maternity leave – Not quite the holiday from work I expected (I haven’t watched nearly half the boxsets I had planned to) yet still the idea of having another baby is becoming more appealing than the idea of returning in March!
      3. Best Friend’s Wedding – Getting to watch my best friend marry the love of her life was without a doubt one of the greatest moments of my life, never mind my year! Regrettably it wasn’t the best timing considering it was only 6 weeks after Rory was born. Something which was completely my fault. Yet considering he was a surprise, it couldn’t really be helped.
      4. Leicester City winning the Premier League – I’m not a football fan. But even I know it’s pretty good for a team like Leicester City to win the Premier League. They’re over 100 years old and this was the first year they’ve ever won! GO LEICESTER!
        *All information sourced from Wikipedia. If any of the above is incorrect, please blame my unreliable informant!* 
      5. Leonardo Dicaprio FINALLY winning an Oscar – The poor guys been nominated 6 times and then 22 years after his first nomination he finally walks away victorious!
      6. The United Kingdom finished 24th in Eurovision – And why is this good, I hear you ask. Simply because we didn’t come last!
      7. Nathan and Cara found love on Love Island – I look forward to the 6 weeks of the year were Love Island dominates our screens, like a fat kid looks forward to cake. No one was happier than me to see Nathan and Cara triumph. So imagine my delight when I discovered that they are still an item! I can also confirm that Love Island has been recommissioned for a third series to air in 2017!
        *Again most of my  info sourced from Wikipedia, so you know the drill* 
      8. The Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday – Go Queeny! It did leave me wondering something though. Do you think she’ll get a telegram from herself on her 100th birthday?
      9. Boaty McBoatFace – I’m pretty sure I don’t need to say much more!
      10. Honey G’s epic knee slide – She isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However the video of her epic fail became top tweet of 2016. For that reason alone she makes it into my top ten!

Just in case you have been living under a rock, for your viewing pleasure, here it is again!

 What were your best moments of 2016?

2016 you've got a bad rep

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